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Tuesday Nov 19, 2019

In this episode I talk about the eight pieces of nutrition advice I give clients most often. Thanks for listening!
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Friday Jul 26, 2019

In this episode Carolyn discusses five habits that could be sabotaging your body image and what to do about it!

Tuesday Jul 16, 2019

Ever read a blog post and left convinced you have a food intolerance? Well, maybe it's gluten... but maybe it's just Diet Culture!

Monday Jun 24, 2019


Wednesday May 29, 2019

In this episode of Rule Breakers Radio I answer your questions about food rules, setting boundaries with people who are dieting, and sugar cravings around your period. 
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Friday May 10, 2019

Since the crash diets of decades past have started to go out of style, it can sometimes be hard to see a diet for what it really is. In this episode I teach you how to spot the red flags of a diet in disguise so that you can determine if that "lifestyle," "protocol," or "plan" will be good for your self-care or just keep you in the diet mentality.
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002: Eat More Move Less

Thursday May 02, 2019

Thursday May 02, 2019

Rules Breakers Radio - episode 002EAT MORE MOVE LESS
One of Diet Culture's most well known rules is that we would all be thinner, healthier, and happier if we just ate less and moved more. In this week's episode of Rule Breakers Radio I talk about why this advice is actually quite harmful and why you should be breaking it to avoid overexercising. I also share some of your stories about overexercising and answer your questions!

001: Origins of A Rule Breaker

Tuesday Apr 23, 2019

Tuesday Apr 23, 2019

This is the first episode of my podcast, Rule Breakers Radio! This episode is all about my story in becoming a Rule Breaker in the fitness and wellness industry - from how I got interested in fitness in the first place to how I freed myself from diet culture and got to where I am today.

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